Posted on June 22, 2019


Are hotels in Bhutan secretly filming you?

May be not, but this something you should be careful about. Better safe than sorry. Hotel rooms hide many secrets from guests which they may not be aware of. From dirty kettles to unwashed drinking glasses, travelers should be careful about what they use and what to watch out for when staying in a hotel. […]

Posted on June 8, 2019


Radio Valley’s All Time Favorite ‘Bescop’

What a person watches and listens to, reveals a lot about his/her character and attitude as well as perspective. So here is a brief on the teams all time favorite movies in their own words. Kinley Wangchuk (Bjob Ganchu) – The one with the vision to set the course, the man behind it all. Dances […]

Posted on June 6, 2019


Dear Fellow Private Sector Friends of Bhutan!

Dear fellow private sector friends, With 40,000 business licenses and up-to 160,000 people earning a living from it, you are second in size only to farmers and contribute the bulk of the national revenue. Your taxes (CIT, BIT, Sales Tax, PIT, Customs etc) fund the government and will also help fund the new hike for […]